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Cyst Removal

We speak to J.K, a 37 year old male, about his cyst removal........

What symptoms did you have?

Well, the cyst started with what I thought was a spot on my cheek. It didn't go down though, so I thought it could be a little cyst. It didn't cause any problems for a couple of years, but did slowly grow. One day the cyst got red and inflamed, so I had to get antibiotics to calm it down.


How was the cyst diagnosed?

My doctor looked at my cheek, and was sure it was a cyst. He called it a sebaceous cyst, which apparently is a cyst of the skin itself. He said that if it was smaller he could have removed it, but as it had grown then a surgeon would need to remove it.

How was the cyst removal performed?

I saw the surgeon, who listed me for removal of the cyst. A few weeks later I went to the hospital and had the removal under local anesthetic. The surgeon made the area numb by injecting around the cyst. During removal, he told me he was trying to be careful to get the whole cyst out as otherwise it has a higher chance of coming back. I felt some tugging during the removal but it was otherwise pain free. The surgeon then stitched the wound and I went home. I think it only took about 20 minutes.

Did you need any follow up following the cyst removal?

I was seen after a week for the stitches to be removed. The surgeon saw me 3 weeks later, to tell me that the lab had confiirmed it was a sebaceous cyst. I was then discharged.

Did you have any complications?

There is a scar from the cyst removal, but this is less noticeable than the cyst was. There is a slight dent as well, but again I'm not too bothered by this. The cyst hasn't come back yet, so fingers crossed!

Can you give any advice to someone having cyst removal?

I probably should have got it sorted before it got infected, but life always seemed too busy. Other than that, just be sure to find an experienced surgeon.
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