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Rodent Ulcer Surgery

We speak to K.R, a 62 year old female, about her Rodent ulcer (basal cell carcinoma) removal........

What symptoms did you have?

Actually, most of the time I didn't really know I had the rodent ulcer. I had a small spot on my cheek that would flare up for a few weeks, then it would calm down and hardly be visible. I only went to see my doctor because it started to bleed whenever I washed my face.


How was the rodent ulcer diagnosed?

'My GP had a look at my cheek, and told me he thought I had a rodent ulcer (he said it is also called a basal cell carcinoma). I was sent to my local hospital and seen by a dermatologist, who used a scope to look closely at the growth. The dermatologist also thought it was a rodent ulcer, so arranged for a biopsy on it to be absolutely sure.

How was the biopsy performed for the rodent ulcer?

I laid on a couch and the Dermatologist made the area numb with local anesthetic. I won't lie, this wasn't very pleasant as it felt a bit like a bee sting. It's basically the same as when you have an injection for teeth though, and it soon went numb. The Dermatologist then took a small piece of the rodent ulcer and dressed the wound. I think the whole thing took around 10 minutes.

When did you get your results?

I went back for my results after about 2 weeks. They confirmed that it was a rodent ulcer, and that they would refer me to a Plastic surgeon for removal. I saw the Plastic surgeon after a couple of weeks, and they listed me to have the surgery.

What was the operation like?

Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The surgeon injected local anesthetic in the cheek around the rodent ulcer, and then removed it. I'd looked on the internet and read about skin grafts and such, so was scared I'd need a graft. I didn't, though, and the surgeon was able to just stitch the wound closed. He put some dressings on the wound and I was soon going home! I think the whole procedure took around an hour.

Did you need any follow up for the rodent ulcer?

I was seen the next week for the stitches to be taken out, which was pretty easy. The surgeon saw me two weeks later, to tell me that the lab had checked the rodent ulcer and it was all removed. I was then seen again three months later, and discharged.

Did you have any complications?

No it all went pretty well. There is a scar from where the rodent ulcer was, but this is still fading. The cheek still feels a bit numb but I can live with that.

Can you give any advice to anyone having rodent ulcer surgery?

I had really worked myself up before having the surgery, and I wish I hadn't as it was easier than I thought. I think the best advice I can give is that, if you think you have a rodent ulcer, get it checked before it grows!
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