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Real experiences of surgery
You may have already read about your operation in our Procedure Info section, but what is it actually like to have the procedure? We have provided a number of 'real experiences', to help give you a better idea of what you might really expect as a patient. Don't forget though that not everyone will have the same experiences and yours may be very different from those given.....
Angiogram   Cystoscopy (bladder scope)  
Breast augmentation   Cyst removal  
Broken knuckle treatment (splints)   Gallbladder removal  
Broken knuckle treatment (surgery)   Gastroscopy  
Broken nose resetting   Heart Bypass (CABG)  
Burns - First degree   Hysterectomy  
Burns - Second degree   Knee arthroscopy  
Burns - third degree   Knee fluid drainage  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Mohs surgery  
Colonoscopy (bowel scope)   Pregnancy & Birth  
    Rodent ulcer surgery  



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