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Knee Arthroscopy

We speak to Mrs R, a 52 year old female...... Knee x-ray image


What symptoms did you have?

''I felt pain in my right knee when walking. My knee was swollen which made it feel like an elastic band was around it''.


Did you have any tests?

''The Orthopaedic surgeon sent me for an MRI scan which showed I had a tear in my cartilage''.


What happened next?

''The surgeon said that I would need surgery to look inside the knee and trim the cartilage if needed. He explained that although it would be keyhole surgery I should still think of it as a major operation''.

What happened in hospital?

''Luckily I have Private insurance so was able to have my own room in the hospital. I was asked to put on a gown and rest on the bed. I had not eaten or drunk anything since the night before. My consultant came to see me and I signed a consent form. A short while later a porter wheeled me to theatre on my bed''.


What was the operation like?

''I have no recollection about the operation. The first thing I remember is waking up in my room''.

How did you feel after the operation?

x-ray of the knees

''The anaesthetic made me feel sick and unsteady on my feet. I was told this was due to a drop in my blood pressure, which was worse as I usually have quite low blood pressure. My leg had a lot of bandage around it and I had to learn how to use crutches with the help of the physiotherapists. Once I was able to walk with the crutches I was allowed home''.


Were there any complications?

''I had numbness at the back of my right heel, which the consultant said might have been due to the tight tourniquet used in surgery. He said it should improve in time, which it did (but it took a few months)''.

How are you now?

''I was fine for a while after the operation and was able to do everything. However just four months the operation my symptoms are coming back''.

Can you give any advice to anyone having this procedure?

''I will probably need the operation again and highly recommend it. However I will take it more seriously next time and not throw away the crutches so soon. I think that because it was keyhole surgery and the bandage came off after a week I just assumed that all was well and didn't give time for the inside of the knee to heal''.

Do you have any scars?

''I have two small scars on the front of my knee''.

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