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Knee fluid drainage

We speak to Mr DS, a 44 year old man that had fluid drained from his knee

Why did you need to have fluid drained off your knee?

"My knee had become swollen and really painful overnight. I've no idea why it happened - can't remember hitting it on anything, it just seemed to swell for no reason"

Did you have any scans or x-rays before the knee drainage?

"I had an x-ray, but this didn't show anything"

How was the knee fluid drained?

"It was done in outpatients, and in total it took about 2 hours. The surgeon put a needle through the side of the knee, which was a bit uncomfortable. He then drained the fluid from the knee joint. I then had a bandage put around the knee and was asked to rest for a short while in reception before going home"

How has your knee been since?

"I was asked to go back to see the Orthopaedic surgeon if the swelling came back, possibly for scans or an arthroscopy. Since the drainage, though, I've had no problems whatsoever"

Any advice for others having knee fluid drainage?

"Don't be too nervous about having it done. It did hurt a little to have the drainage, but you soon get the benefits as the intense pain from the swelling quickly went after drainage"
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