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We speak to Miss RS, a 41 year old female who had a hysterectomy (womb removal)

Why did you have a hysterectomy?

"I'd been diagnosed with fibroids a few years before. These were benign, but caused heavy bleeding and pain so I decided to go ahead and have a hysterectomy to remove the fibroids permanently"

Did you have any bladder scans or x-rays before the hysterectomy?

"Yes, I had an ultrasound scan before the operation. The radiographer put some gel on my tummy and gently pushed the scanner over my skin, just like having a scan when pregnant. It didn't hurt at all"

How long were you in hospital for?

"It was a total of two nights"

What do you remember of the hysterectomy operation?

"I remember going down to the theatre and talking to the anaesthetist - to be honest, that's about it. The next thing I can remember is waking up on the ward and being in very little pain which I was quite surprised about"

What follow-up was there after the hysterectomy?

"I only needed to go back once for a consultation. I think this was about three weeks after the hysterectomy"

How have you been since the hysterectomy?

"It was a little sore after the hysterectomy, but to be honest wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've had no problems at all otherwise"

Do you have any advice for someone having a hysterectomy?

"I was really nervous before the operation about how much pain I would be in, but in my experience it really wasn't that bad"
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