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We speak to Mr A, a 62 year old male.....

What symptoms did you have?

''For a few months my stomach was very tender and caused a lot of pain. I also suffered from bloating and wind. Small amounts of food were okay but large meals caused me severe pain. My GP referred me to a gastroenterologist who told me I needed a gastroscopy to look inside my stomach''.

Did you have any tests?

''No but I did have a physical examination''.

What happened in the hospital?

''My tablets for my stomach ulcer were stopped for two weeks before the procedure. I wasn't allowed to eat from the night before. I was seen by the consultant who explained the procedure and asked me to sign a consent form. I was then taken to theatre in a wheelchair''.

What was the procedure like?

''I was asked to lie on a bed in theatre, and was asked if I wanted sedation or a numbing throat spray. I don't like pain so I asked for both! I had a needle put into the back of my hand, and can't remember anything after that. The next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room''.

How did you feel after the procedure?

''After about an hour a nurse gave me a cup of tea and a sandwich. I had no pain at all. After about another hour the consultant came to talk to me and said he had removed a cyst from my stomach which he had sent to the lab for testing''.

Were there any complications?

''No but they found Helicobacter Pylori growing on the cyst, which was benign. I was given three different antibiotics to take''.

How are you now?

''I sometimes still have stomach ache and am due to have another test for Helicobacter''.

Can you give any advice to anyone having this procedure?

''I've had this procedure before with just the spray, and it was quite uncomfortable. I'd certainly say to have sedation if possible''.

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