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We speak to Mrs JF, a 37 year old female who had a colonoscopy (bowel scope)

Why did you have a colonoscopy?

"I had suffered from irritable bowel symptoms for a long time - loose motions and constant tummy ache"

Did you have any scans or x-rays before the colonoscopy?

"No but I was told that I might need some depending on what the colonoscopy showed"

What do you remember of the colonoscopy?

"I had to drink a large amount of fluid before the colonoscopy, which wasn't too nice. I don't normally drink much during the day, so it was hard to drink a large amount of fluid in a short space of time. The fluid makes your bowels work overtime and clears things out pretty quickly!

I had an anaesthetic for the procedure, so can't remember much about actually having the colonoscopy"


How long did you stay in the hospital?

"I got to the hospital at about 8am, had the colonoscopy, and was off home by 5pm!"

How did you feel after the colonoscopy?

"Absolutely fine, I had no pain at all. The specialist came to see me on the ward after the colonoscopy to tell me that everything looked clear"

How have you been since the colonoscopy?

"I've been okay. The symptoms have continued, which I take medication for, but I don't mind as at least I know there is no nasty cause for my symptoms"

Any advice for others having a colonoscopy?

"Having the drink isn't too pleasant, but it's really worth having the colonoscopy. It didn't hurt at all and I was able to know that everything was okay on the same day"
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