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Carpal Tunnel Symptoms & Treatment

We speak to Mrs J, a 54 year old female......


What symptoms did you have?

''For a very long time I would drop things that I was carrying and my hands would go into spasm. The problem was in both hands and caused many problems and embarrassing moments. During the night my hands would become numb, but not always in both hands at the same time. The numbness was followed by pins and needles and I would try to relieve this by shaking my hands''.


Did you have any tests for the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms?

''I was referred by my GP to a Plastic Surgeon who injected both hands with steroid to help calm things down. He also gave me splints to wear at night''.


What happened next?

''Unfortunately the treatment didn't work and my symptoms continued. I went back to the consultant who decided to operate. We decided to do the left hand first''.


What was Carpal Tunnel surgery like?

''I went into hospital on the same day as the operation. I had to wait a few hours, then was taken to theatre. The operation was under local anaesthetic, which was injected into my hand. This was quite painful at first. Once the operation started, though, I couldn't feel any pain at all. I was able to watch the operation, which was really interesting. Afterwards my hand was bandaged and I went back to the ward''.


How did you feel after the operation?

''I went home that afternoon with painkillers. I only needed them for the first day. The surgeon told me to not use my hand for two weeks so I couldn't drive or do the housework, which I was quite happy about!''


Were there any complications?

''No. It was a little sore now and then but otherwise okay''.


How are you now?

''I've now had both hands operated on, and they are normal again. I don't know why I put up with it for so long''.


Can you give any advice to anyone having Carpal Tunnel surgery?

''I would highly recommend the operation but if given the choice I think I would have a general anaesthetic. I found the local anaesthetics very painful''.


Do you have any scars or other effects?

Carpal tunnel syndrome scar''I have a scar from my wrist down into my palm on both hands which have blended very well and are hardly noticeable. I have never felt any of the old symptoms and use my hands with no problems''.


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