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First Degree Burns

We speak to K.N, a 32 year old male, about his first degree burns........

How did you get the burns?

I was trying to light a barbecue and had poured a load of lighter fluid on it. I threw a match on and just saw a flash and felt a load of heat on my face. I found out after that this is called a 'flashburn'.


What did you do ?

I went indoors and checked myself in the mirror. My eyebrows were a little burnt and my face was red. I got a wet towel and held it on my face while my wife called an ambulance.

What happened at hospital?

I was seen by a Burns surgeon who arranged for an anesthetist to review me. The anesthetist checked in my throat for any swelling but said I was fine. The burns surgeon then had a check of my face and said it looked like a first degree burn. At that point there were a few blisters starting to form.

What treatment did you need?

Not a lot. I was given a bottle of oil and told to apply it regularly. I went home the same day. It felt really sore and tight but generally okay.

Did you need any follow up?

I went back after two days for a check-up, and the burns surgeon said all was looking good. I'd formed a few large blisters, but these had burst. The surgeon cleaned off the dead skin and told me to keep applying the oil.

Did you have any complications?

No, I was healed by 10 days. My skin was still quite dark pink for about three weeks after but at least there weren't any scars. I've been told to wear sunscreen for at least a year to avoid sunburn

Can you give any advice to anyone with first degree burn?

Well my burn healed really well. First degree burns are apparently painful and I can vouch for this, but it all healed up quickly. It just takes a few days.
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