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Broken Nose

We speak to Mrs RK, a 42 year old female who had her broken nose reset.....

Why did you need to have your nose reset?

"I was involved in a fight one night, and was hit on the nose. It bled a lot and I went to casualty, where I was told little could be done at the time. The nose was bent, but it needs time to settle before it can be straightened again. I was given painkillers and asked to come back to see a specialist a week later".

Did you have any scans or x-rays?

"No. The specialist examined me and looked up the nose, but didn't need to get any scans".

What do you remember of the operation?

"It was a few years ago so I don't remember too much. It was under general anaesthetic and I think the operation took about an hour. My nose was splinted with a plaster dressing, and I was given painkillers. I stayed overnight, but was allowed home the next day".

Were you in much pain?

"Like I say, I had painkillers but didn't really need them. You mustn't rub or blow your nose for at least a week after surgery which was actually quite hard! Apart from that it wasn't too bad really".

How have you been since?

"Fine. I didn't need any other appointments, and my nose looks like it did before the injury. I'm really happy with things".

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