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Broken Knuckle treatment (Surgery)

If you have a broken knuckle, treatment may involve having surgery. We give a 'first person' perspective on this treatment.....

How did you get a broken knuckle?

"I feel really stupid. I'd had an argument and got really angry, so punched a wall"

How did you know your knuckle was broken?

"I pretty much knew straight away. My hand really hurt and I couldn't see my knuckle any more! I knew it was broken for sure when I tried to make a fist - my little finger curled under the next finger, so I knew something was badly wrong.

I went to the hospital that night, and by then my hand was really swollen. The doctor got an x-ray taken, and said the knuckle bone had been broken and moved. They said I might need surgery, but wanted to see if they could avoid this and reset the break themselves".


What treatment did your broken knuckle need?

"The doctor made the knuckle go numb by injecting anesthetic around the broken area. My hand felt a bit weird, and I couldn't feel the pain from my knuckle anymore. They pulled on my little finger and pushed on the knuckle - I could feel the pulling and pushing but it didn't hurt at all. They then put my hand in a plaster cast and sent me for another x-ray. This showed that the knuckle was in a bit of a better position, but still not great, so I'd need surgery. I went home that night, and came back the next day for the surgery"
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What surgery did your knuckle need?

"I was put to sleep and they fixed the break with pins. When I woke up, my hand was in a plaster cast and there were two small pins pointing out of my knuckle. The surgeon told me that they had pushed the broken bone back into place, then held it there with the pins.

I went home that night, and had a follow-up appointment the next week. In all, my hand was in the cast for 3 weeks"


Were you in much pain?

"A bit, yeah. I had painkillers for a few days then it wasn't too bad. Generally it wasn't too much of an ordeal".

How have you been since?

"My knuckle isn't completely back in place, but I don't have any problems at all. I can now make a fist without the fingers crossing over, which is important as I use tools at work that I need to grip. ".

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