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Broken Knuckle treatment (splints)

If you have a broken knuckle, it may be treated with splints or strapping. We give a 'first person' perspective on this treatment.....

How did you get a broken knuckle?

"I'd just joined a gym with a friend and thought I'd work out on the punchbag. It was going fine, until we started seeing how hard we could hit the bag. I gave it a good hard punch and felt a really sharp pain in my little finger knuckle"

How did you know your knuckle was broken?

"At the time I thought I'd just badly bruised it. That was the end of my workout, and I thought it would get better. By the next day though my hand was swollen and it was really painful to make a fist. It was also really bruised.

When I went to the hospital, they looked at my hand and sent me for an x-ray. The doctor showed me the break on the x-ray, and said that the way the knuckle had broken meant that the bone was not out of place. This meant I wouldn't need any surgery, which was a major relief".


What treatment did your broken knuckle need?

"Well, luckily I didn't need any surgery. They put my hand in a plaster cast and sent me home, with an appointment for the next week. At the appointment I had another x-ray, which showed the knuckle was still in the right place. I was told I could now take off the cast and just use a finger splint. This was much more comfortable and let me move my other fingers. This was needed for 3 weeks, by which time things all seemed healed"

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Did your broken knuckle cause much pain?

"At the time it broke, yes. With some simple painkillers though, the pain wasn't too bad and generally was fine. I did knock my hand on a desk in the second week though, which hurt - I was glad of the splint then!"

How have you been since the broken knuckle?

"Not too bad. My hand was a bit stiff for a short while after, but was ok. I got the odd niggle for a few months, but it's now 6 months after the break and all seems fine"

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