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Breast Augmentation

We speak to C.J, a 32 year old female, about having a breast augmentation (enlargement)........

Why did you have a breast enlargement?

Since I was a teenager, I was really self-conscious of my breasts. I've always been fairly slim so I guess my breasts kind of went with my frame, but it was really frustrating buying clothes and always worrying how they would look on me. I used to wear a bra to feel more feminine, but didn't really need one.

I'd wanted a breast augmentation for a few years, but it took a while to build up the courage to go through with it.


How did you choose your surgeon?

Unfortunately I didn't know anyone that had had an augmentation, so I couldn't go on a recommendation. I had a look on the internet (including surgerywise!) and made a shortlist of a few Plastic surgeons. I then went and saw three of them, and decided on the one I felt most confident with.

What did your surgeon discuss with you ?

He asked me a lot of questions such as what medications I took, any health issues and if I smoked. Most of the consultation though was about what breast size I hoped for, what my reasons were for having the augmentation, and what I knew about the procedure. He went through the potential risks and complications of the surgery, and told me about how he would do the operation and what to expect after. We looked at a few implants and I helped choose which size I wanted. This was the main bit that I didn't realise before - I used to think you could choose implants to make you a specific bra size, but he explained that bra sizes are just a rough guide. In the end I went for implants to make me bigger but not huge!

What was the surgery like?

Not too bad really, better than I thought. I saw the anesthetist on the day of the surgery and he explained the anesthetic to me. Once I went to theatre, I remember talking to the anesthetist about a few things and then it all goes a bit blank. Next think I remember is waking up in my room with dressings on my chest. I felt pretty bruised and sore, but felt well enough to go home that night.

How did you feel after the breast augmentation ?

The bruising and soreness lasted about a week or so. I couldn't do much for a few days after the surgery, but pretty soon got back to daily life. I work in an office, and was back to work after 2 weeks.

Did you need any follow up after the surgery?

I was seen the next week for a check of my wounds and change of dressings, then seen a couple of months later.

Did you have any complications?

No it all went well. There are scars under my breasts, but these are fading in time.

Can you give any advice to anyone having breast augmentation?

Well, I'm really pleased I had it done. My confidence has improved and I can now buy any dress I want! I think the best advice I can give is to make sure you find the right surgeon.
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