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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

We give an 'experience' as told from a first-person view, about Mohs Micrographic surgery........

Why did you have Mohs surgery?

I had noticed a growth on my nose about a year ago, that seemed to come and go every few weeks. At first I thought it was just a spot, but then it started to bleed when I dried my face with a towel. I went and saw a specialist, who arranged a biopsy, and the report came back as a Basal Cell Carcinoma. Because it was on my nose, the specialist said that Mohs surgery would give me the best chance of a cure while hopefully keeping as much normal skin as possible.


How was the Mohs surgery performed?

It was with local anaesthetic, which was good as I really didn't want to have to go to sleep for it. After my nose was numbed up, the Mohs surgeon took the basal cell carcinoma off and dressed my wound. I went back to the waiting room while he took the specimen to the Mohs lab. After about an hour he came back, and said that most of it seemed to have gone in that first go, but there was still a bit more that needed to be done. He numbed my nose again, and took a bit more. This time, the lab showed it was now cleared

How was the wound fixed?

The Mohs surgeon said that, because of where it was, it would be best fixed by a Plastic surgeon. So my wound was dressed and he arranged for me to see a Plastic surgeon the next day. The surgeon had to move around some skin on my nose, which apparently is called a flap. Luckily, this was with local anaesthetic as well.

Did you need any follow up after the Mohs surgery?

Yes, I was seen a week after to have my stitches taken out, and then a few weeks after that to check my nose was healing well.

Did you have any complications?

No, my nose healed well. I have a bit of a strange shaped scar and a few bumps on the skin, but overall I'm really pleased

Can you give any advice to anyone having Mohs surgery?

Having read up about Mohs surgery on the internet, I realised why it was the best way to remove a basal cell carcinoma. I'd definitely have it again if I get any other BCCs. It was a shame that I couldn't have my nose fixed on the same day, but apparently there's only a couple of Mohs surgeons around who are also Plastic surgeons
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