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Cystoscopy (bladder scope test)

We speak to Miss RS, a 41 year old female who had a cystoscopy (bladder scope)

Why did you have a bladder scope test?

"I'd had lower tummy pain for a while. The GP had done a few tests on my urine, but these didn't show much so I was referred to a specialist. They examined me and said I should have a scope to check on my bladder".

Did you have any bladder scans or x-rays?

"I was told that scans might be needed, but didn't end up having any".

What was the bladder test like?

"It was under general anaesthetic so I didn't feel a thing. I woke up in my room, and was home 6 hours later!"

How was it after the test?

"Actually it was quite sore. I had bad lower tummy pain which was worse when I passed water. This lasted for a few days. I had painkillers which helped a bit, but it was still uncomfortable".

Did you have any follow-up after the test?

"I saw the surgeon a few weeks after the test, and he talked through things with me. Luckily he hadn't found anything and by then all my problems had cleared up. I've been fine since then".

Do you have any advice for anyone having a bladder scope?

"I was a little nervous about the operation and, to be honest, felt a bit embarrassed about being examined 'down below'. I now realise that I shouldn't have been worried as the specialists do these procedures every day".
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