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Urology specialises in the urinary system, namely the kidneys, bladder and urethra (wee tube), prostate and genitalia. Women should also see our gynaecology section for more information.

Bladder cancer - learn how bladder cancer can cause symptoms and how it may be treated
Bladder weakness - urine incontinence can cause great distress but can often be treated quite simply.....
- a camera test is a common procedure used to look inside the bladder. Read how this is performed and what to expect
Impotence - there are many causes of erectile problems, some of which can be easily resolved
Kidney stones - these can cause severe pain and may need surgery for treatment....
Prostate surgery - the prostate can cause problems in men when it grows larger, leading to difficulty urinating. It can turn also cancerous, in which case it can be life-threatening.
Testicular cancer - learn about this life-threatening condition and how it may be treated
Vasectomy - read how this procedure is performed to give permanent contraception.....










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