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Thread Vein Treatment
















What are thread veins?

Thread veins are fine vessels that are usually found on the face and legs. They often cause no symptoms, but are common and can be unsightly. Large dilated veins are called varicose veins.


How can thread veins be treated?

There are a number of different treatment methods, including:

  • Laser - heat generated by the Laser causes the vessel to shrink away. Thread vein treatment can make those unsightly blemishes disappearTreatment is usually only suitable for fine vessels, and 2 or 3 treatments may be needed. The final result may take around two months to be apparent.

  • Microsclerotherapy - a very thin needle is used to inject a non-toxic substance into the vein. This causes it to shrivel up, and slowly disappear. This may sometimes be combined with Laser to give the best results.

  • IPL - Intense Pulsed Light uses concentrated light to treat veins in a similar way to Lasers, but causes less tissue damage and pain.


Which treatment should I have for thread veins?

There is no 'universally best' procedure, and choice of procedure will often depend on your symptoms and nature of problem. Your specialist will be able to discuss options with you and help you decide on the best procedure.


A few points to remember

Whilst treatments may improve the appearance of the veins, some blemishes may be resistant and remain. A number of sessions may be needed to give best results. In time, thread veins may also return and further treatment may be indicated.



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