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Skin Cancer
















Skin cancer is unfortunately increasing. Some forms of skin cancer are relatively benign and slow-growing, whereas others are rapid-growing and potentially life-threatening. Our articles below provide information on the more common types of tumour.

  - information on this life-threatening type of skin cancer
  - Learn about this common cancer, also known as 'rodent ulcer'
  - we discuss the various options available, including surgery, radiotherapy and creams
  - look at our pictures of various skin cancers
  - read treatment options for this rare skin cancer
  - learn about the 'gold standard' in skin cancer treatment
  - a cancer with the ability to spread
  - also known as solar keratosis, often mistaken for a 'dry patch of skin'
  - a number of methods can be used to remove moles, cysts, lipomas and other common skin lumps and bumps
  - a very common skin growth that can be mistaken for melanoma









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