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Bowel Surgery
















The bowel is responsible, amongst other things, for digestion. Bowel problems are very common - click on a topic to learn more....

Appendicitis - this condition commonly occurs in teenagers, but can also happen at different times in life. Learn about the symptoms and treatment.
Bowel cancer - learn what symptoms this may cause and possible treatment options
Crohn's disease - information on this bowel condition that can cause a variety of symptoms and problems
Diverticulitis - learn about symptoms, tests and treatment options for this common problem
Endoscopy - this 'camera' test allows the specialist to look inside the body, take samples and even perform certain treatments
Haemorrhoids (piles) - a very common condition, we discuss how this troublesome condition may be treated
Ulcerative colitis - we give information on this condition that is often confused with Crohn's disease










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