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SurgeryWise is one of the fastest growing health sites on the internet and is dedicated to continuously increasing visitor numbers with our quality content and marketing strategies. Advertising on our site will allow you to increase your potential clients on an international scale.


Specialist advertising

We are able to offer a tailored profile page for you, allowing thousands of patients per month to read your specialist interests and details. Unlike other websites, we do not charge more as you get more enquiries; we have a simple flat-fee of just £12 per month, regardless of how many pageviews or enquiries you receive. Compare this to other sites that charge upwards of £100 per month! To see an example page, please click here.



Commercial advertising

We welcome all enquiries from advertisers who would like to take advantage of our highly competitive rates and effective, targeted marketing. We are able to offer a flexible service, allowing you to tailor your advertising with us to suit your current marketing campaign.

To discuss your aims with one of our Advertising Specialists and learn more about our services and how we may help you, please click here.



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