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About Us is owned by SurgeryWise ltd, a limited company registered in England and Wales, reg no 6704737. Our registered address is 15.Market Street, Standish, Lancashire, WN6 0HW.


How did SurgeryWise start?

The concept of SurgeryWise began in 2005. We had noticed that few sites presented relevant medical information in a concise and easily understood manner, as would be wanted by people contemplating surgery.

We therefore produced this site to give clear information on a variety of specialities and procedures. In addition, we wished to provide details of specialists in various regions, allowing potential patients the opportunity to gain more information than provided in most directories. Such enhanced knowledge would give people the ability to make an informed and safer decision about their own medical care.


What does SurgeryWise do?

Specialists are able to provide their details to SurgeryWise, to inform potential patients of their areas of expertise, qualifications, experience, etc. We make this process as streamlined as possible, at reasonable costs. This means that the specialists can focus on what they do best, and have no large advertising costs to pass on.

The information provided is aimed at making the patient more knowledgable and allow them to discuss their care in more detail with their specialist, allowing an informed and safe decision about their procedure. This will hopefully help to alleviate the fear and worry often associated with undergoing surgery.

We have a strong commitment to reinvestment in order to enhance the website and its profile. This way, we can ensure that SurgeryWise will continue to reach and help increasing numbers of people.

We also provide surgical services to the Northwest of England, primarily in the field of skin cancer care.














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