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Scar Creams


Can a cream make a scar disappear ?

Not entirely. Scars are permanent, and no treatment exists yet that will make a scar completely disappear. Treatments such as scar creams can make a scar so faint, though, that it will seem to have disappeared and can only be seen if someone really looks for the scar.


Will all scars improve with scar creams?

Not always. Some scars will improve greatly with cream treatment, whilst other scars may not improve at all. Scars do tend to be dry though, and applying a cream will help to moisturise the area. So even if the appearance is not improved, at least the scar is moisturised and so will feel less tight and itchy.

The only real way to know which scars will respond to a cream is by trying. Most creams will take a few months to really start showing effects, so you shouldn't give up too early.


Which scars can cream be used on ?

Most scar creams can be put onto pretty much any skin scar. Some creams tend to be aimed at stretch marks, whilst some are aimed at scars from burns and/or surgery.


What scar creams are available?

There are now a huge number of scar creams available. We've summarised a few scar creams and gels below, which are currently amongst the best products on the market.


Bio-oil is one of the most popular scar treatments on the market. As the name suggests, it is an oil, not a cream, but has gained a great deal of popularity. Most people seem to get best results by applying twice a day and use it on surgery scars, stretch marks, burn scars and acne scars. Click an image to read Amazon reviews of Bio-oil we found from the UK or USA

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Mederma Scar Cream    
Mederma scar cream can be used on new and old scars and stretch marks. It is a very popular choice, reflected by a great number of positive reviews. This particular scar cream also has SPF 30, which is a handy addition (scars can be prone to sunburn). Often used for surgery scars, burn scars, stretch marks and acne scars. Click an image to read the reviews we found of Mederma scar cream from the UK or USA

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Dermatix Scar Gel    
Dermatix is a scar gel that contains silicone. Usually applied twice a day to the scar, it dries to a film. It is not known exactly how it works, but is often the doctor's first choice prescription for raised scars, burn scars and surgery scars.It can also reduce the itching from scars. Click an image to read reviews about the Dermatix scar gel we found in the UK or USA

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