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Finger Splints


When can I use a finger splint?

If appropriate, finger splints can be used for simple finger breaks and sprains, and for common types of broken knuckle. Finger splints are being used more and more, in place of the traditional plaster cast. It can be difficult to judge if a splint is appropriate though, and surgery or plaster cast for the broken finger or knuckle may be needed - for this reason, finger splints should only be used if directed by a health specialist.


What if I use a finger splint wrongly?

A finger splint can be used wrongly if it is either put on wrong, or if a splint is used when other treatment was actually better (eg surgery).

If it is picked up soon enough that the splint is used wrongly, then hopefully there won't be any long-lasting effects and the correct treatment can be put in place. A finger or knuckle break is usually pretty much set after 2-3 weeks though, so at this stage the bone may need to be 're-broken' to put things right.

Ligament injuries can also cause problems if they are splinted wrongly and cause more problems in the future.

Deciding which splint to use, in the correct way, can be a difficult problem even for health professionals.


What splints are available?

There are now a huge number of splints and finger straps available for broken fingers or knuckles. We've summarised a few splints below, which are currently amongst the best products on the market.


Finger Straps    
Finger straps are used to keep two fingers strapped together, whilst allowing movement at the joints. This helps to reduce stiffness from using the finger straps for a few weeks. The straps are usually used for simple broken knuckles or minor finger breaks. Whilst tape can be used, this can be more uncomfortable than the straps on the market. Click an image on the right to read reviews of the finger straps we found from the UK or USA

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Mallet Splints    
Mallet splints are used to keep joints still, usually the joint near the fingertip. Classically, a mallet splint is used to treat mallet finger injury. Whilst mallet splints are simple to use, it is important to get the right size as otherwise the splint can slip out of place. They are usually plastic so can be easily washed and usually inexpensive. Click an image on the right to read Amazon reviews of mallet splints we found from the UK or USA

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Finger splint kits    
These finger kits are a useful collection of treatments for your finger injury. They treat the two main stages of finger injury, with cold or hot treatment and splintage. Click an image on the right to read reviews on finger splint kits we found from the UK or USA

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