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Hamid Tehrani, Plastic surgery

Hamid Tehrani - Plastic & Mohs surgery, Liverpool

Richard Motley, Dermatology
Richard Motley, Dermatology, Cardiff
Vivien Lees, Plastic surgery
Vivien Lees, Plastic surgery, Manchester
Douglas McGeorge, Plastic surgery
Douglas McGeorge, Plastic surgery, Chester
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learn about the 'gold
standard' in skin cancer surgery
read about breast cancer and treatment options
information on what Zika is and why it is spreading
why skin cancer may occur and how to recognise it....
info on how this common injury may be treated
learn how scars and stretch
  marks can be improved
How to choose a surgeon - read our impartial guide
BFIRST charity
  Proud to Support BFIRST
  BFIRST is a charity organisation that makes huge changes to lives in developing nations. Please take a moment to read about their work on the BFIRST site

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How to choose the correct surgeon
  Finding a Specialist
  How do you choose the correct surgeon? We've launched our new listing feature, helping you to find the specialist you need
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learn about tummy tucks and what to expect from the surgery
how implants are inserted and risks involved
nose reshaping information
and risks involved
also known as 'ear-pinning'
learn how those stubborn areas can be removed
how a breast reduction is performed & risks involved


-learn about this very common skin cancer
also known as 'strawberry
how breaks happen, what
tests can be done and possible treatments
learn how finger fractures can be treated
fat can be injected to lips,
  breasts and other areas...
what to expect and risks
  involved in treating those painful piles
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